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Truckers spend long days (and some nights) on the road. As anyone who has driven for hours on end knows, your concentration is liable to wander when you stay on the road without taking breaks. This is one of the reasons there are so many semi-truck crashes in America each year.

Whether the fault rests with the truck driver, maintenance company, or manufacturer, our team can help you find justice if you were seriously injured in a wreck with a big rig. Our attorneys are skilled investigators, and we have connections with a wide network of industry experts, medical professionals, and accident reconstruction experts who can offer valuable testimony to support your claim. If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a collision with a heavy truck, reach out to us today to learn how we can help.

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Understanding Car-Truck Accident Claims

Anyone who drives the streets and highways of Utah has likely had a close call with a large commercial truck or felt uneasy when sharing the road with a massive 18-wheel tractor-trailer. What’s even worse than the danger posed by these vehicles is the challenges that may prevent an accident victim from recovering the compensation they need.

The opponent in a lawsuit arising from a commercial semi-truck accident is likely to be a major insurer or a large, well-funded trucking company. Neither business wants to pay a truck accident claim, as they know how expensive the serious injuries caused by a car-truck collision may be. Often, they dispatch an accident investigator to the scene of the collision as soon as they hear about it, so they can start looking for evidence to use against you.

It’s wise to work with a collaborative team of attorneys and a sound, successful law firm that is up to the challenge of nailing down truck accident causes and proving negligence to a jury. You can be sure the other side will fight hard—so your lawyers must be ready to fight even harder.

Truck Accident Statistics

In 2018, the last year for which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has released detailed truck accident data, 4,682 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes; an additional 59,933 were involved in injury crashes. Of those killed, 82% were not occupants of the truck.

More than 1 out of 4 accidents occurred on interstates and a notable number of crashes involved curves in the road, left or right turns, head-on collisions, or rear-end accidents.

Other common truck accidents include:

  • Jackknifes
  • Rollovers
  • Tire blowouts
  • Improper lane changes (blind spots)
  • Underride accidents (from the side and the rear)
  • Lost load events
  • T-bone accidents

Causes of Truck Accidents

Like any other collisions, truck accidents are frequently caused by driver error. However, there are other factors that can influence or contribute to these crashes.

  • Commercial trucks are ill-equipped to handle severe weather and poor road conditions
  • Drivers may be given access to a big rig without a CDL, adequate training, and/or experience
  • Trucks may be improperly maintained or malfunction
  • The truck may be improperly loaded or overloaded

Any driver on the road can behave negligently or make a mistake, but truck drivers face a unique set of challenges due to the potential for their vehicle itself to be the risk. It’s important to correctly determine what caused your accident so you can file compensation with all liable parties.

Determining Liability in Semi-Truck Collisions

One of the reasons truck accident claims are so complex is because many have more than one liable party. This means your claim can request compensation from multiple people—but also that those involved may dispute blame among themselves.

If the truck driver is at fault for the crash, liability depends on their employment status. Utah state law holds employers responsible for any negligence their employees exhibit within the course of their employment. Therefore, if the driver works for a certain trucking or shipping company, you can name that business as party to your suit. However, if the trucker is an independent contractor, you may only be able to bring a claim against them.

If a defect with the truck causes or contributes to your accident, the truck manufacturer may also face liability. The same goes for the individual or company responsible for maintaining the truck if a maintenance error caused or contributed to your accident. Similarly, the company that loaded the truck could be held liable in the event the truck was too heavy or improperly loaded.

Because many of these services are performed by third parties, you may find multiple companies hold fault for your accident. Liability must be determined on a case-by-case basis due to the variation.

Proven Results in Salt Lake City

In 2001, our founding partner Jeffrey D. Eisenberg tried the case of a young boy who suffered brain damage and tragically lost his family in a car-truck collision. A semi-trailer rig gone out of control struck the family’s car, and a Salt Lake County jury found the trucking company liable and awarded over $16 million for our client’s future care, pain and suffering, lost support, and other economic damages. As of late 2009, this remains the largest-ever jury award to an individual in a Utah personal injury case.

Our attorneys have recovered compensation in several other truck accident claims over the years. Our results include:

  • A settlement exceeding $4 million for a trucking accident victim left with quadriplegia (paralysis due to spinal cord injuries)
  • A $1 million settlement for a car-truck accident victim with a traumatic brain injury

You can view other significant successes on our case results page.

While car-car accidents are more likely to allow both parties to walk away unharmed, the likelihood of catastrophic injuries or a wrongful death increases dramatically when a tractor-trailer is involved. Our truck accident lawyers in Salt Lake City are committed to fully investigating your case and pursuing every angle possible to help you find justice if you were harmed.

Our tough trial lawyers have what it takes to fight a truck accident claim. Call us at (801) 901-3470 to schedule a free consultation if you live in the Salt Lake City area.

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