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The term "hematoma" may be used for a wide range of injuries, including bruises on the limbs, torso or internal organs. As attorneys who have successfully represented many brain injury victims, we know that a brain hematoma can have serious consequences including permanent disability or death.

If you or a loved one has suffered a head injury in an accident—whether in a car or trucking accident, on a motorcycle, as a pedestrian or in any other fashion—contact us for legal guidance. At Eisenberg Cutt Kendell & Olson, our experienced Salt Lake City hematoma lawyers handle challenging personal injury cases for clients all over Utah and pursue compensation for medical malpractice victims and their families.

If you or a loved one have been adversely affected by a brain hematoma, it may be time to explore your legal options. Call us at (801) 901-3470 today.

Understanding Hematoma Claims

Like other types of brain injury, a hematoma can be either subtle and non-life-threatening or potentially deadly-- depending primarily on its location and severity. When an accident victim has suffered any type of head trauma, proper monitoring and the need to perform appropriate tests, such as CT scans or brain MRIs is very important.

The most serious types of hematoma are most commonly caused by a blow to the head or the sudden start-and-stop of a violent head motion:

  • Subdural hematoma—when blood collects on the surface of the brain and, in severe or acute cases, can rapidly fill the cavity and permanently damage brain tissue
  • Intracranial hematoma—caused by the rupture of a blood vessel and causing the collection of blood in the skull cavity, a life-threatening condition that often requires surgical intervention
  • Injuries near other areas of the brain, such as epidural and intracerebral hematomas

Some indicators of possible hematoma that should be recognized and taken seriously by medical professionals are:

  • Severe or persistent headaches
  • Confusion or sudden mood shifts
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness

If you believe your brain injury was caused by the actions of someone else, our firm can assist you. Contact us today to request a free case evaluation with our team.

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    Diagnosing a traumatic brain injury is a multi-step process. Watch our video to learn more.

  • How Do I Choose The Right Lawyer For a Traumatic Brain Injury Case?

    Traumatic brain injury, unlike any other injury, affects every aspect of a person's life.

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    If someone in your family has been injured and has what you think could be a traumatic brain injury, the most important thing to do first is to be a careful monitor. Learn more from our attorneys at Eisenberg Cutt Kendell & Olson.


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