What is a Spinal Cord Injury?

People think of spinal cord injuries as injuries that cause complete paralysis, and sometimes that's true, but there are many spinal cord injuries that occur and can damage a person without causing complete paralysis. A spinal cord injury is any sort of injury that produces trauma on the area around the spinal cord and canal, and sometimes that is a contusion or bruising or stretching of the nerves rather than severing the nerves. So some people will have a spinal cord injury, and their symptoms evolve over time. Some people are paralyzed immediately, and they're always that way. Other people will have an injury, and the bleeding and swelling will impact the spinal cord and might actually damage the nerves. In any case, it's a very serious injury, and it always requires very careful treatment, and typically it results in very significant legal compensation if there's negligence with fault.