Who Can I Sue if I've Been in an Accident Involving Road Construction?

Road construction cases are complex and typically involve multiple parties. We need to look at first what is the governmental entity that's having the road construction done, and that's typically going to be the state of Utah's. A lot of these accidents happen on the freeway and Utah is in charge of those projects. We also bring in the general contractor who's the one overseeing the project and doing the bulk of the work. Then there is typically a subcontractor or multiple subcontractors that are involved in designing a traffic control plan or implementing the traffic control plan.

So, if people, when they get into the road construction know what's going on, what hazards are coming up, what are the speed restrictions in that area. In Utah there's no direct action against an insurance company, so you actually name the state of Utah, the general contractor, and the subcontractors that were involved in a particular issue and then their insurance steps up to the plate to give them defense attorneys and then they're done applying for the loss.