Polaris Off-Road Vehicles Continue to Pose Fire Risk: Fair Warning Speaks to Attorney Jeffrey Eisenberg

FairWarning spoke with attorney Jeffrey Eisenberg, who is currently representing the families of two women killed by Polaris fires in 2016 about this announcement. He said that this failure to announce a new recall could indicate that Polaris is attempting to resist safety regulators,

“and that they are unwilling to concede that fire problems are the result of product defects.”

After years of forced recalls, dozens of injuries, and at least three deaths, Polaris Industries, one of the largest producers of off-road vehicles in the United States, appears to be no closer to fixing the issues plaguing their products.

Not only have the recalls not helped fix the issue with these vehicles catching fire, the problem may be getting worse. At the end of 2017, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued another safety warning for an estimated 133,000 models of Polaris vehicles, including some that were included in previous recalls, to inform customers of the risk of their vehicles catching fire. However, this announcement simply informed consumers of the serious danger, but did not include any information about a potential recall.

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