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Salt Lake City Accident Lawyers

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Car accidents are on the rise, not just in Salt Lake City, but all across Utah and the USA. Many attribute it to the increased number of cars on our roads, while others think it’s the increasing number of young drivers. What’s more daunting is that the statistics are not changing as much as desired. Deaths, injuries and personal damages persist on. After a car accident, the victims’ lives may never be the same again. Considering such scenarios:

The death of a loved one following a car accident

The Incapacitation of a skilled worker

Trauma and injuries that reduce a person’s ability to live a quality life

Expenses incurred from treatment and adjusting to the new conditions after a car accident


The rule of thumb in auto insurance is that as long as the accident was not your fault, you should get compensated for all resultant financial losses which include:

  • Lost wages
  • Car damage
  • All present and future medical expenses
  • Mental trauma
  • Physical anguish

Most minor car accidents will not require the use of a lawyer, especially if only the car was damaged. However, if you or any of your family members were injured enough to visit a hospital, it is best to contact an attorney.

How Salt Lake City accident lawyers can help:

  • Deciding whether to settle the matter in or out of court

Accidents are expected. Accidents are also of varying magnitudes. What follows is that sometimes the accident causes only minor damage. In such a situation it would be in the interest of both parties that the matter is solved out of court.

  • An attorney knows the laws better

Whether you’re the victim or the one at fault, you’ll need to follow the law closely in solving the matter. Victims are bound by what the law calls “statute of limitation.” Statutes of limitation require that you file the case within a specified duration of time.

A car accident lawyer also becomes invaluable inside the court room when you need someone to stand on your side. When everyone else looks helpless, this is the person who will stand up for you to the very end.

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