What do You Need to File a Claim After a Workplace Injury?

Workplace injuries are unfortunate, but they are also fairly common. In the State of Utah alone, there were 4,585 workplace injuries recorded in 2013. The frequency with which these types of accidents happen means that it is important for workers to understand exactly what the process is for filing a workplace injury claim. Like most states, Utah has certain rules and procedures you’ll need to follow in order to file your claim.

Reporting Your Injury

The Utah Labor Commission stipulates that all workplace injuries be immediately reported to your employer, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.

Injury Assessment

If the injury in question requires more than basic first aid, your employer will need to file a report with the labor commission. The employer, the injured employee and the company’s insurance carrier will each receive a copy of this report.

Medical Care

The injured worker will need to take the accident report to their medical provider and explaining that their injury is work-related. If the company has a designated physician, you may have to use them. After they make their assessment, the doctor will file form 123 “Physician’s Initial Report of Work Injury or Occupational Disease”.

Filing For Compensation

Once your claim is filed, reports will be needed for the insurance carrier to make a determination of the company’s liability for your injury. In most cases, workers are reimbursed for medical bills as well as any time they needed to take off work.

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are particularly common. Over 18 percent of the accidents reported in 2013 were construction accidents. And, it isn’t just injuries. Workplace injury statistics show that construction injuries include the highest number of fatalities of any industry sector. At the same time, determining liability in a construction accident claim can be significantly more complicated. Most construction sites have a variety of different contractors working together, creating several layers of liability and making it more difficult to assign blame.

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